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Our priority is to bring you long-term serenity in the management of your condominium. At a time when laws are increasingly complicating condominium administration, our partnership will be based on quality services:

  • meticulous management
  • reactivity adapted to needs
  • regular presence on the ground
  • smooth communication
  • continuous legal monitoring

As a stakeholder in the life of your condominium, All Immobilier will charm you with its skills and also provide satisfaction with its reasonable prices.

Feel free to come and meet us!

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~ Getting to Know the Role of Property Manager ~

The property manager is a representative, the legal representative, of the condominium association. The condominium association consists of all the owners of the units in the same condominium; it is often represented by the members of the condominium board. The condominium board consists of elected representatives of the owners; it has decision-making authority for the points for which it has been given a mandate and a supervisory role over the activities of the property manager.

The property manager has many tasks including:

  • administration and management of the condominium in accordance with the laws in force and its condominium regulations (insurance, day-to-day management, management of claims, monitoring of work, personnel management, management of the association's archives, etc.).
  • financial and accounting management (condominium accounting, management of bank accounts, individual accounting of owners, etc.).
  • setting objectives for the building with the condominium board
  • management of general meetings (preparation, convocation, holding, post-meeting information and implementation of decisions taken).

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